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Winston House, Fayette, IowaPublications

The above 1897 photo shows the house built in 1886 for wagonbuilder and civic leader Alex Winston's retirement in Fayette, Iowa. The house looks pretty much the same today. Here, the Barkers resided during that period in which Richard wrote and otherwise prepared five of his books and several academic articles for publication. Pictured are Alex Winston, his wife standing by the door, and his daughter seated on the step. Both Alex and his wife died in the house of natural causes, as did several subsequent owners. The house contains a positive presence that most people can feel upon entering; it is not haunted in the usual (observable) sense. It just feels very supportive and inspirational.

1. This is an article on Halloween that you may download for free.

Ghost of a Chance

2. This article features several authors commenting on why they study the future.

Why Are We Here?

3. Spirits of Dubuque is a two volume CD set that relates stories and folklore about the Dubuque region. It can be purchased for $12 ($10 for members) for each volume, or for $22 ($18 for members) for the set. Volume 1 includes the following tracks: Introduction; The First Dubuquers; Meskwaki Legend; Other Facts about Early Dubuque; Julien Dubuque Monument; Mississippi River; The Rockdale Flood; Military Road; Julien Inn; Bricktown Restaurant; The Massey Murder; Corner of 5th & Main; Redstone Inn; The Law Office of C.J. May; 4th Street Elevator; Kelly's Bluff; Washington Park; The Town Clock; DaVinci's; Conley's Money; The Grand Opera House Theater; Old County Jail; Dubuque County Courthouse. Volume 2 includes the following tracks: Introduction; The Hancock House; The Ryan House; St. Mary's Children's Center; City Hall; City Hall Annex; Jackson Park; Clarke College; The Bonson Mansion; David B. Henderson; The Governor Greys; Peter Kiene, Jr; Linwood Cemetery; Camp Union; The Brazzell House; The Ham House; Eagle Point Park; Four Mounds; Union Park; The Ghost of Farley Road; War Drums.

Spirits of Dubuque

4. The following books are available from BMGHA:

Dbq cover

Richard has finished a book entitled Dubuque's Haunted History that has been released by Big Earth Publishing. Table of Contents: Foreword by Michael D. Gibson, Archivist, Center for Dubuque History at Loras College; Ch. 1 - Early Dubuque (contains Native American ghost stories); Ch. 2 - The Spirits of Dubuque; Ch. 3 - Haunted Places In Dubuque; Ch. 4 - Outside The City; Ch. 5 - Across The River; Ch. 6 - Afterword. There are historical photos and brief discussions of paranormal theory, historical perspective, and investigating. This is not your average ghost book.

High quality paperback, suggested retail price $16.95. Can be purchased in Dubuque at River Lights Book Store and the National Mississippi River Museum and Aquarium gift shop, in Bellevue, IA at The Bookworm, from the publisher, Big Earth Publishing (Trails Books), and from most online booksellers (ISBN 978-1-934553-38-1). Signed copies may be purchased from this site by following the instructions below and adding $5 for shipping.

Horses's Hoofs

Horses’s Hoofs (sic) is an autobiographical novel that documents the course of a particular spiritual journey.  It is a saga of two highly connected lives—a complex story about complex characters, integrating several underlying themes.  These themes have to do with unconditional love, work, education, ethics, and the adult search for meaning.  In addition, there are spiritual themes which are not tied to a particular religious tradition.  It is a story about the struggle to define success, and to apply that definition to one's life.  It is the sort of story that can change your life.

High quality paperback. New, signed by author     Price:  $22    Members:  $18         add $5 for shipping

On Organizational Citizenship

On Organizational Citizenship is a unique application of classic political philosophy and metaphysics to organizational theory.  Using this new and highly integrative approach to organizations and organizational behavior, this book proposes that organizations have a constitutional structure rather than a culture, and that much of the traditional role of government in society has shifted from the state to the corporation.  On Organizational Citizenship examines the implications of organizational citizenship and how this shift might redefine the role of national government.  A new perspective of ethics and morals pervades the book and is detailed in a chapter entitled “Applied Human Nature”.  This book is used as supplementary reading in graduate and undergraduate courses in major universities in the U.S., the United Kingdom, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and Hong Kong.

High quality paperback. New, signed by author     Price:  $25    Members:  $20      add $5 for shipping

On The Nature of Leadership

On The Nature Of Leadership is a treatise on social philosophy that explores conventional thinking on issues of social dynamics and motivation.  A new theory for understanding leadership as a social process rather than as a management tool is proposed and developed.  Foreword by Joseph C. Rost, author of Leadership For The 21st Century.  This book is used as a text and as supplementary reading in graduate and undergraduate courses in major universities in the U.S., the United Kingdom, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and Hong Kong.

High quality paperback. New, signed by author     Price:  $25     Members:  $20          add $5 for shipping

At Stormy Time

At Stormy Time is a biographical story of a 19th Century physician, who rode from Ohio to Iowa on horseback in 1855, seeking a place to settle and to start his family.  He became Fayette’s town doctor, and the first Professor of Natural Sciences in Upper Iowa University.   Dr. Charles Coleman Parker served in the 12th Iowa Volunteer Infantry Regiment as Regimental Surgeon during the Civil War, and had key roles at the battles of Fort Donelson and Shiloh.  The book contains transcripts of a series of letters he wrote to his wife from Pittsburg Landing before and after the battle.  Parker also served as medical witness for the defense in Abraham Lincoln’s most infamous trial as a lawyer, the Duff Armstrong murder trial.

The format for the telling of the story is unusual, in that it connects the present with the past by using the ghost of Charles Coleman Parker as antagonist to a curious modern day professor.  It is a factual narrative about life in frontier Iowa, and about a most unusual character who does not fit any of the stereotypes from literature about that period.  This story should be of interest to anyone who likes to study history, education, the Civil war, or who is involved in a personal search for meaning.

Unfortunately, the paperback version of this book is not available through the BMGHA website.  Stray copies can be found at various online booksellers.  You can buy the PDF version of this book, which includes extra photos, from BMGHA for $12 ($10 for members). The file will be sent by email.

Misplaced Faith

Misplaced Faith is a detective story set in a small Midwestern town where the rivalry between Judge Fuller and Patrick Stearns was more sensational than any crime committed on the streets. Detective Herb Clasen’s girlfriend, Adrian, suddenly appeared sleeping on a park bench, drugged, after having been missing for ten months. Herb was certain that she had been kidnaped, but most other folks weren’t so sure. Adrian was... well... strange, and she was not helpful during the investigation. Follow Herb as he follows the few clues he has. One never knows where they might lead.

High quality paperback. New, signed by author     Price:  $20    Members:  $15         add $5 for shipping

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